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Our law firm has built a solid reputation in the legal communities of southern California, including Temecula and surrounding areas, on providing strong representation for each of our clients. Known for our relentless nature, we pride ourselves on the legal knowledge and skill we bring to the fight for fair resolution in every case. With over 50 years of combined experience in the areas of employment law, we can help you better understand your case and the best possible outcomes.

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If you are experiencing workplace harassment or discrimination, it can leave you feeling isolated and confused about where to take your concerns. Our law firm has extensive experience in fighting for the rights of victims in courts across California.

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With our many years of experience, the courtroom is a very familiar environment. While other attorneys may be fearful of bringing your case to trial, we know that option should never be shied away from. In over 50 years of practice, we have never lost a jury trial.

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Your case is important, but your life as a whole matters even more. Our legal counsel reflects this as we guide you at every turn, and are available for all the questions you have today and in the future.

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We understand the importance of effective communication in resolving cases both in and out of the courtroom. Whether you're looking for mild mediation or a strong authoritative presence, we can help.

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What can workplace harassment look like?

Unwanted comments from coworkers

Harassment is often sexual in nature, but it can also include offensive language when repeatedly directed at someone for their religion, sexual orientation, disability, or another unique characteristic.

Unwanted touching

Experiencing unwanted touching in the workplace can be embarrassing and awkward to deal with. If you have asked for such behaviors to stop without success, call an attorney.

Solicitation from your employer

Is your work environment uncomfortable because an employer asked something of you that was inappropriate or outside of your job responsibilities? Let us help you know your rights.

Let’s work together so that you can move forward

Everyone deserves a workplace free from harassment. If your peaceful work environment has been purposely and repeatedly violated by another, it may be time for an attorney to step in. If you have questions about employment law in Temecula or other areas of southern California, we'd be happy to discuss your case.