Think you’ve been wrongfully terminated from your job?

Even if your case doesn’t qualify for a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, you may still have a valid employment law case.

It’s not uncommon for recently terminated employees to call us asking whether they’ve been wrongfully dismissed from their position. Often, the real culprit is not the dismissal itself, but the wage and hour laws that were broken along the way.

California Wage & Hour Laws

Even salary employees are entitled to overtime pay

Sometimes, employers lie to their workers, telling them that they can’t be paid overtime for various reasons. Don’t believe them! Whether you work on salary or are paid by the hour, California law states that you should be paid more for overtime.

You should never have to work off the clock

If your boss has asked you to work off the clock, during your lunch break, or after hours, you should contact us immediately. It’s unconstitutional for an employer not to pay you for the hours you have worked — and we may be able to help you recover those wages.

Your employer cannot legally change your timecard

Likewise, if you believe your employer has changed your recorded work hours, you should call us as soon as possible. This is a form of falsifying information, and it is a serious offense in California. We may be able to help you get that money back.

We’ve recovered more than $5 million for California workers

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Other Employment Law Issues


Sexual harassment is to this day one of the most common problems seen in the workplace. However, it’s not the only form of harassment we can help you with. Call us if you’ve experienced unwanted touching, unwanted comments, or solicitation from your employer.


Like harassment, discrimination isn’t limited to any one category. If you believe your employer has mistreated you because of your age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or another characteristic unrelated to job performance, give us a call.

Equal Pay Claims

The moment President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it became illegal for employers to give men and women different pay for the same work. Don’t let your employer pay you less because of your gender. Let us help you stand up for what’s right.

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