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Withholding sales commissions and bonuses earned by an employee is a violation of the already established federal and state labor laws. If you were denied a bonus, commission, or incentive that you earned by your boss, employer, or company, you can pursue compensation for your unpaid commission and unfair treatment.

At Robinson Bradford LLP, we provide legal services to employees in California seeking to file unpaid commissions claims. Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys have devoted their careers to protecting the rights of workers in California. We will listen to your story, review your case, fight zealously to protect your rights, and help you seek fair financial compensation. We are proud to serve workers throughout Stockton, Costa Mesa, Temecula, and Irvine, California.

What is an Unpaid Commission?

Commissions, bonuses, and incentives are additional wages that may not be part of the regular hourly wages or salary of an employee. Such bonuses and commissions are earned when a salesperson or employee has completed a task or met certain criteria, be it sales or performance metrics.

Unpaid commissions refer to compensation (or money) that a worker is entitled to receive based on his or her performance, but the employer has failed to pay. An employer can face damages, including three times the amount owed and attorney fees, for withholding commissions.

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Employers’ Duty for Fair Pay in California

California is a leader in workers’ rights. In 2016, the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement implemented the New Equal Pay Act. The law addressed the difference in earnings between male and female employees. The responsibilities of employers with regard to fair pay in California are briefly highlighted below.

  • Difference in Wages: Under the California Fair Pay Act, paying workers of the opposite sex, or of another race, lesser wages for considerably similar work is prohibited. The employer must prove that the wage differences are absolutely due to a variety of factors that can be associated with business growth and development.
  • Compensation Policies: Equity must be maintained in wage structure and compensation policies for employees, regardless of sex or race. To comply with the new compensation laws, the employer must raise the wages of the underpaid employee.
  • High Level of Transparency: Employers are mandated to be more transparent. It is illegal to implement any policy or rule which does not allow an employee to discuss or disclose their hourly rates, wages, or salary with their colleagues or co-workers.

Employers must take a proactive approach to comply with the California Equal Pay Act. If your employer has violated any of the above employment laws, withheld your commission, or treated you unjustly, you should seek legal counsel from a knowledgeable attorney.

Why Do Employers Break Labor Laws?

Federal and state labor laws are implemented to protect worker’s rights. Under federal wage and hour laws, known as the Fair Labor Relations Act (FLRA), employers are required to pay minimum wage, overtime, compensations, bonuses, and classify employees properly as exempt or nonexempt. Examples of employer violations of labor laws can include:

  • Wage difference violations
  • Withholding commissions or bonuses
  • Denying overtime pay
  • Interfering with the rights of employees to act together
  • Not maintaining a safe work environment
  • Improper employee classification
  • Not granting or providing mandated leave

Sometimes, employers violate labor laws unintentionally. In other cases, the employer is completely aware that they are breaking the law and violating worker’s rights. Regardless of the employer’s excuse, they may be facing severe penalties and fines if found guilty of violating federal or state labor laws.

What an Employment Law Attorney Can Do For You

If your employer is at fault for withholding your sales commissions or bonuses specified in your contract, you are within your rights to take legal action. A knowledgeable employment law attorney will carefully review your unique situation, evaluate your case, and determine if you qualify for a commission as specified in your agreement. Also, the attorney can help you file a lawsuit against your employer and pursue damages for your withheld commissions or bonuses.

Call Robinson Bradford LLP today for a free case review to discuss your situation with our team of experienced employment law attorneys. We are dedicated to protecting employee’s rights in California. Our reliable attorneys will hear your story, conduct a thorough investigation, aggressively fight for you, and help you pursue your rightful compensation for your unpaid commissions and bonuses.

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If you believe your employer has treated you unfairly, our law firm can advocate for you. Call Robinson Bradford LLP today to schedule a free case evaluation. Our experienced employment law attorneys will review your unique circumstances carefully and determine your legal options. We proudly serve employees in Stockton, Costa Mesa, Temecula, and Irvine, California. We will fight vigorously to protect your rights and pursue fair financial compensation for your withheld income.