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Not paying overtime to workers who are entitled to it is a violation of federal and state labor laws. If you are an employee and your boss or company has refused to pay overtime, you are within your rights to pursue compensation for your lost wages and unjust treatment. We are here to help you fight for that compensation.

At Robinson Bradford LLP, we offer detailed legal expertise to victims of illegal employment practices and labor law violations. Our skilled employment law attorneys have dedicated their careers to protecting workers’ rights. We will hear your story, carry out a thorough investigation, and help you negotiate fair financial compensation. We proudly serve clients throughout Stockton, Temecula, Costa Mesa, and Irvine, California.

Employers’ Responsibility for Fair Pay in California

California is known to be a leader in workers’ rights. In 2016, California implemented a series of employment laws that addressed the difference in earnings between male and female employees. Also, the New Fair Pay Act shifts the burden of proof away from the employee to the employer. Below are the duties of employers with regard to fair pay in California.

  • Wage Difference: Employers are prohibited from paying workers of the opposite sex lower wages for considerably similar work. Also, employers must be able to demonstrate that the differences in pay are not associated with differences in sex, but are based exclusively on various factors that can be attributed to business development and growth.
  • Transparency: Employers are prohibited from implementing rules or policies that prevent workers from disclosing or discussing their hourly rates, wages, or salary with other workers.
  • Compensation Policies: Employers must take a proactive approach to their wage structure and compensation policies to ensure equity. However, in order to comply with the law, reducing the wages of the opposite sex employees is considered unlawful. The employer must raise the wages of the underpaid employee. Any employer that violates these laws may be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

If your employer has violated any of the above employment laws, you should seek counsel from an experienced legal team as soon as possible.

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Why Do Employers Break Labor Laws?

Federal and state labor laws are designed to protect the rights of employees. The Fair Labor Relations Act (FLRA) requires employers and companies to pay minimum wage, overtime, and classify employees properly as exempt or nonexempt. However, employers usually run into conflicts with these federal and state labor laws. Employer violations of labor laws can include:

  • Wage violations and denied overtime pay
  • Interfering with the rights of employees to act together
  • Failure to maintain a safe work environment
  • Improper classification of employees
  • Failure to provide mandated leave

At times, the decision to break labor laws may be completely unintentional. In other situations, the employer is totally aware that they are violating the law. The government doesn’t care about the reason for violating federal or state labor laws. Employers guilty of federal labor law violations will face severe penalties and fines.

What an Employment Law Attorney Can Do For You

If you are an employee and you believe you are eligible for overtime pay, you are within your rights to take legal action. An experienced employment law attorney will evaluate every aspect of your case to determine if you qualify for overtime. If you qualify, the attorney can help you file a lawsuit against your employer or company to pursue compensation for your unpaid wages.

Call Robinson Bradford LLP today for a free case evaluation and to speak with knowledgeable employment law attorneys. We are never afraid to take on cases of employees who weren’t paid properly. Our attorneys will listen to your story, review and investigate your case, and help you fight for fair compensation. We will protect your rights and help you seek your rightful compensation for your unpaid overtime.

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If you were not paid properly for your work hours, denied overtime pay, or are dealing with employee misclassification, you don’t have to go through it alone. Contact us today at Robinson Bradford LLP. Our knowledgeable attorneys will meet with you to discuss the legal options available. We will fight vigorously to protect your rights and pursue fair financial compensation for lost wages. Call now to schedule a free consultation with knowledgeable employment law attorneys. We represent workers in Stockton, Temecula, Costa Mesa, and Irvine, California.